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Bopha Mazzocchi

Bopha Mazzocchi, founder and CEO of Idiome SA, established her Creative Strategy agency in 2019 following her ambition to better serve players in the niche luxury industry that she embraced.

With more than 12 years of experience working on a worldwide scale for Luxury brands, Bopha experimented fast evolving and complex environments; she identified the opportunity of developing her own company based on the observation that way too often, a link is missing between business theory and its application. This crucial link is fundamental to a successful strategy achievement.

Through a value-driven and transversal approach Bopha has the drive and method needed to immerge herself in the niche luxury culture. Specialized in the watch & jewelry industry, she has a deep knowledge of Marketing & Communication encompassing the trade, PR and event aspects.

Mixed with her multicultural origins (Italian and Cambodian) Bopha can easily adapt to the ever-changing market, and bring to Idiome partners a groundbreaking point of view on market trends and opportunities.

Being the extended arm of your business and striving for performance and visibility is the vision of Idiome SA

Artistic Director

Joy Corthésy

Marketing, Press & Communications

Caroline Cordier

Press & Communications

Laila Pieyre

Graphic Designer

Brian Santos

Graphic Designer

Davide Novais