The exceptional selection of Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces and Jewels totaled HKD 26,324,375 in sales (CHF 3,302,587 incl buyers premium).

Antiquorum HK Office (May 11th, 2020) — On Sunday 10th, Antiquorum, the world’s premier auctioneers of modern and vintage timepieces, established in Geneva in 1974, hosted a premium online auction for the second time of the year.
Indeed, earlier, on March 21st, Antiquorum became the first major auction house to host a confined auction broadcasting online in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

At the beginning of the Session 1 of the auction, Antiquorum was honored to present an elegant selection of

Chopard watches starting from lot 24, sold for the benefit of the Po Leung Kuk Group Charity. 1,285,625 HKD (CHF 161,307) has been raised to provide multifaceted and quality social, educational, recreational and cultural services to the less fortunate children of the region.

Antiquorum is also proud to set a new World Record with the exceptional limited edition of 400 pieces from Cartier “Crash Watch, 1991” in 18K yellow gold (lot 192).
Provided with its original box, instruction booklet and certificate of origin, the auction house achieved a record-breaking for “Crash Watch, 1991” watch at HKD 812,500 (CHF 101,865).

Demonstrating the strength of Patek Philippe, three of the top ten sales were of this brand’s watches. The top-selling lot was a Ref. 5204 (lot 251) a rarely-seen Patek Philippe, chronograph and perpetual calendar in 18K pink gold with a black dial and an integrated 18K pink gold Patek Philippe bracelet. This remarkable piece attracted a lot of attention and got hammered for HKD 1,750,000 (CHF 219,517).

A first place on the podium shared with the “Jules Audemars”, “Grande Complication Automatique” from Audemars Piguet, a skeleton automatic movement featuring a minute-repeater chronograph, perpetual calendar, leap year indication and moon phases. The 44 mm. pink gold case is integrated with a gorgeous 18K pink gold bracelet, definitely a wristwatch to be worn and admire everyday by its lucky owner sold for HKD 1,750,000 (CHF 219,517).

Antiquorum also presented some exquisite IWC timepieces, reaching interesting results, especially the notable lot 261, a very fine and rare 50 pieces limited edition Ref. 3770 oversized platinum perpetual calendar minute-repeater chronograph wristwatch with moon phase sold for HKD 650,000 (CHF 81,541), but also lot 167 Ref. 5004-22 « Big Pilot » « Edition Antoine de Saint-Exupéry » gone at three times its low estimate (HKD 56,250 or CHF 7,056).

Always in great demand by collectors, Rolex pieces were well represented and the experts would like to highlight the very rare and collectible lot 85 hammered at HKD 450,000 ( CHF 56,485) reaching more then twice its low estimate. This Rolex, Ref. 3525 is know as the “prisoners watch” offered after the war to POW’s (“prisoner of war”). While the majority of the dials are either white or salmon in colour, black dials are the rarest.

The online auction had the particularity to feature many unusual and diverting wristwatches.
It was the case of the lot 183, the tenth top lot of the auction, a Girard-Perregaux in platinum Ref. 99190, “Three golden bridges” tourbillon regulator; “Tribute to Enzo Ferrari”. This limited edition of 349 pieces marked in 2002 the decade of the collaboration between Ferrari and Girard-Perregaux.
Another car related collaboration timepiece is the Breitling Ref. 1806 Morgan 8 Drivers Europe in Steel. This unusual Navitimer especially made for the European Morgan 8 club member features the exotic car brand logo on the dial.
Both lots were attributed without any doubt to mechanic lovers at HKD 487,500 (CHF 61,133) for lot 183 and HKD 23,750 (CHF 2,979) for the lot 218.

Among the pocket watch selection, Antiquorum was pleased to offer the outstanding lot 233, a Longines double-faced chronograph pocket watch made to measure very high speeds. The main dial was for measuring sailing races, running and car races, the reverse dial was for aviation and scientific measurements over 240 km/h. It captured the heart of a vintage watch lover for HKD 87,500 (CHF 10,989).

Another remarkable pocket watch is the lot 313 Eberhard Large pocket watch, chronograph, minute recorder; so-called “Racing”; stainless steel from the early 30s in a spectacular mint condition sold for HKD 81,250 (CHF 10,202) twice its low estimate.

To conclude the auction, Antiquorum, which opened its first jewelry department six months ago, unveiled a selection of fine jewelry pieces from the most prestigious jewelry maisons but also some rare and first-rate stones provided with GIA certificates.

Among them, collectors were thrilled by an unsigned platinum and 18K yellow gold ring set with a splendid 6.18 carats fancy light yellow diamond internally flawless flanked with two grace-cut white diamonds. Lot 452 sold for HKD 475,000 (CHF 59,600).

After an unprecedent Hong Kong May online auction, Antiquorum will host back its precious and loyal collectors on June 28th and 29th in Geneva for the next vintage and contemporary watches promising a selection of the most sought-after timepieces unearthed by the international expert team.


LOT 251

Patek Philippe Ref. 5204/1R, split-seconds chronograph, minute recorder, perpetual calendar, leap-year indication, moon phases, AM-PM indication, black dial; 18K pink gold

Sold for 1,750,000.00HKD

Estimations :
HKD 1,560,000 – 1,950,000 USD 200,000 – 250,000 EUR 182,000 – 228,000

LOT 305

Audemars Piguet – Skeleton, self-winding, minute-repeater, chronograph, minute recorder, perpetual calendar, leap-year indication, moon phases; “Jules Audemars”, “Grande Complication Automatique”; 18K rose gold

Sold for 1,750,000.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 1,560,000 – 1,950,000 USD 200,000 – 250,000 EUR 182,000 – 228,000

LOT 203

Rolex – Ref. 18956 BR, self-winding, centre-seconds, date, day, pavé-set dial, diamond-set bezel and diamond-set inter-lugs bracelet; “Day-Date”; platinum and diamonds

Sold for 1,125,000.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 1,020,000 – 1,170,000 USD 130,000 – 150,000 EUR 120,000 – 138,000

LOT 205

Rolex – Ref. 116576 TBR, self-winding, chronograph, minute and hour recorders, pavé-set dial with ice- blue recorders and diamond-set bezel; “Daytona”; platinum and diamonds

Sold for 1,125,000.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 1,100,000 – 1,410,000 USD 140,000 – 180,000 EUR 128,000 – 164,000

LOT 192

Cartier – “Crash Watch, 1991”; limited edition of 400 pieces; 18K yellow gold

18K yellow gold, manual-winding, vertical asymmetrical “Crash”-shaped, lady’s wristwatch, with case-back screwed by four screws on the case-band, “Vendôme”-type hooded lugs, ivory colour dial with exaggerated distorted radial Roman numerals, secret Cartier signature at 7, cabochon sapphire-set crown.

Sold for 812,500.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 150,000 – 200,000 USD 19,300 – 25,700 EUR 18,000 – 24,000

LOT 250

Patek Philippe – Ref. 5131 J, self-winding, World Time, cloisonné enamel dial; 18K yellow gold

18K yellow gold and enamel, self-winding, tonneau-shaped, gentleman’s wristwatch, water-resistant with screwed sapphire-crystal case-back, with one horological complication: • World Time (outer revolving time zone disc with the name of 24 cities of the World and hour-hand adjustable with the rectangular push-piece at 10 o’clock). Silver colour and polychrome cloisonné enamel dial, showing the map of the World’s continents (Eurasia, Africa and Americas) with four gold dots, outer diurnal and nocturnal 24-hour ring.

Sold for 750,000.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 630,000 – 780,000 USD 80,000 – 100,000 EUR 73,000 – 91,000

LOT 261

IWC – Ref. 3770, large, self-winding, minute-repeater, chronograph, minute and hour recorders, secular millesimal perpetual calendar, moon; limited edition of 50 pieces; platinum

Sold for 650,000.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 468,000 – 630,000 USD 60,000 – 80,000 EUR 55,000 – 73,000

LOT 292

Audemars Piguet – Ref. 25858 BC, minute-repeater, one-minute tourbillon regulator; “Répétition Minutes Tourbillon, Jules Audemars”; 18K white gold

Sold for 650,000.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 550,000 – 710,000 USD 70,000 – 90,000 EUR 64,000 – 82,000

LOT 246

Patek Philippe – Ref. 5026 J, 5026 R, 5026 G and 5026 P, set of four self-winding “Calatrava”; limited edition of 130 sets especially made for the Millennium in 2001; 18K yellow gold (“sealed”), 18K rose gold (“sealed”), 18K white gold and platinum (“sealed”)

Sold for 587,500.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 468,000 – 550,000 USD 60,000 – 70,000 EUR 55,000 – 64,000

LOT 183

Girard-Perregaux – Ref. 99190, large, chronograph, minute and hour recorders, perpetual calendar, “Three golden bridges” tourbillon regulator; “Tribute to Enzo Ferrari”; limited edition of 349 pieces made to celebrate ten years of collaboration with Ferrari and the launch of the “Enzo” model; platinum

Sold for 487,500.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 430,000 – 510,000 USD 55,000 – 65,000 EUR 51,000 – 60,000

LOT 85

Rolex – Ref. 3525, chronograph, minute recorder, black “Double Swiss” dial; “Anti Magnetic”; stainless steel

Sold for 450,000.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 180,000 – 220,000 USD 23,100 – 28,300 EUR 21,600 – 26,400

LOT 218


A fine and very rare, self-winding, stainless steel chronograph wristwatch made for the members of the European Morgan 8 club

Sold for 23,750.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 19,500 – 35,100 USD 2,500 – 4,500 EUR 2,300 – 4,100

LOT 233

Longines – Double-faced pocket watch, chronographs, minute-recorders, calibre 19.73 N; “Anti Magnétique”; 18K yellow gold

Sold for 87,500.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 55,000 – 71,000 USD 7,000 – 9,000 EUR 6,400 – 8,200

LOT 313

Eberhard Large pocket watch, chronograph, minute recorder; so-called “Racing”; stainless steel

Sold for 81,250.00 HKD

Estimations :
HKD 43,000 – 52,000 USD 5,500 – 6,700 EUR 5,000 – 6,000

LOT 167

IWC – Ref. 5004-22, 8-day going, centre-seconds, power-reserve; “Big Pilot”, “Edition Antoine de Saint- Exupéry”; limited edition of 1 149 pieces; stainless steel

Sold for 56,250.00 HKD

Estimations :

HKD 15,600 – 19500 USD 2,000 – 2500 EUR 1,850 – 2300